FM Reception – squelch, quieting & capture ratio

FM reception specifications including the FM capture ratio and its associated capture effect, along with the FM quieting figures and facilities including squelch are of great importance to users of FM systems. Frequency modulation, FM is widely used in radio communications and broadcasting, particularly on frequencies above 30 MHz. It offers many advantages, particularly in […]

Squelch and Squelch Level

People in the use of wireless walkie-talkie often hear the background noise, squelch, refers to the radio in order to solve the call quality and noise problems, and design of the squelch circuit or squelch function. Squelch function has a different squelch level, according to the actual situation to adjust themselves. Noise characteristics Wireless walkie-talkie […]

What is standing wave ratio?

Standing-wave ratio (SWR) is a mathematical expression of the non-uniformity of an electromagnetic field (EM field) on a transmission line such as coaxial cable. Usually, SWR is defined as the ratio of the maximum radio-frequency (RF) voltage to the minimum RF voltage along the line. This is also known as the voltage standing-wave ratio (VSWR). […]

Advantages of wireless communication

Communications can be simply divided into a wired (including erecting cable, cable or leased telecommunications Line) and wireless (radio transmission into the establishment of a dedicated line) two big way. Compared to establish a dedicated wireless transmission have less investment than the other way, the opening and operation and maintenance quick and simple, the disadvantage […]

2-Way Radio FAQ

2-Way Radio Frequently Asked Questions Can a VHF radio communicate with a UHF radio? Can a VHF or UHF Two way radio talk to FRS radios? Should I use VHF or UHF Two way radio? Can Planet Headset Black Box Plus and Bantam radios “talk” to my old radios? How long will my two way […]