How to use RT82 emergency alarm?

Some radios come with a programmable, emergency alert button that helps sound the alarm in an emergency. Typically it is a big orange button either on the side of a radio by the push to talk button, or on the top of the radio. A radio dealer can custom program the button to activate an alert and alarm that will be heard by the necessary personnel to respond to emergencies.Today, let us discusss how to use RT82 emergency alarm?

The scan of Ailunce HD1

Ailunce HD1 has the scan function, it includes 3 scan modes and 2 scan ways. 3 scan modes: Time mode(TO): When the radio detects a signal it will stop scanning and will pause for 5 seconds before scanning again even if the signal is still present Carrier mode(CO):When the radio detects a signal it will stop […]

RT20-a new radio like a work card

RT20– a new radio like a work card is coming . A new small , simple and fashion radio- RT20 is coming. Do you know how many advantage of the new radio? Let me tell you. 1. RT20 radio has Internal Antenna and tiny very easy to carry . RT20 has an Internal Antenna, compared to […]

Amateur Radio RT82 in the 6th ICMCS

RT82, as the amateur radio, was taken to the 6th International Conference on Multimedia Computing and Systems( ICMSC’18). ICMSC’18 ICMCS’18 was a part of a broader event, named i-Week’18 (that meant “Innovation Week”), between May 7 and May 12, in Rabat, the capital of Morocco. There were several activities in this i-Week’18, including various competitions in […]

5-port USB charger is coming

5-port USB charger is coming. what do you think about the new 5-port USB charger? Let me tell you how many kinds of usage are there? 1. 5-port USB charger can charge 5 radios,but only use 1 jack. If you have many RT22 or RT24 but do not have enough jacks for charging,  It’s really […]

Ailunce HD1 Front Panel Programming (FPP)

Ailunce HD1 is the latest DMR digital Dual band Amateur radio. It has a lot of features, like 32 Radio IDs selectable, IP67, Firmware Upgrade for free and so on! Thanks to for sharing us this picture! Here I will introduce an important feature. HD1: Front Panel Programming (FPP) Almost all the operations can be done via keypad, no […]