RT3S Onto the Cover of Amateur Magazine

RT3S onto the cover of Amateur Magazine, named Practical Wireless Magazine on Nov,2018. The article’s name is ” The Retevis RT3S 144/430Mhz DMR Transceiver”. Writte by Tim Kirby with the callsign: G4VXE. He is the Editor for Practical Wireless magazine. Last year, he wrote the article about Ailunce HD1 on this Practical Wireless magazine. In his article, He…

Retevis RT21

Retevis RT21 battery life

The battery of the Retevis RT21 is the rechargeable battery, reusable, practical and environmentally friendly. Retevis RT21 Specifications: Voltage: 3.7V Type: Li-ion Battery capacity: 1100mAh Weight: 68g The charging time of the of the retevis RT21 original battery is about 4 hours, the usage time is up to 10-12 hours, and the battery lasts longer…


The difference between Retevis RT21 and other

Comparison of Retevis H-777, Retevis RT21, H-777S Retevis RT21 is not only have the CTCSS and DCS function, but also add the scrambler function and help you filter more interference .The scrambler feature provides enhanced security for your important public safety and private security communications. Retevis RT21 work well for all various business, and it will have…


RT21 distance and suitable occasion

RT21 have the dependable range and strong radio body, so it not only popular for family use, but also widely used in various business activities.   What is the RT21 distance? RT21 walkie-talkie is 2 W, the usual transmission distance of the peer is 0.5–2.5miles, but it also be affected by your using environment,longer range in open…

RETEVIS Fact Sheet

RETEVIS Fact Sheet

As a growing radio communication company, we have been involved “amateur radio,business radio, children’s radio and outdoor radio” since 2008. Besides, Our RETEVIS products have not only got FCC, IC, CE, ROHS, PSE, RCM, TELEC and JATE certifications, but also have been on the cover of some hot magazine many times. How much do you know about RETEVIS fact sheet?