Retevis H-777 simple operation walkie-talkies

Retevis H-777 is our most popular walkie talkies,we have sale it from 2014,and we still Improve our products,and keep our quality.It is simple operate walkie talkies,easy to set up,and will bring more convenience for your business. Retevis H-777 will empower your commercial business with faster and convenient way.It work great for various economic business,because it…

Ailunce HD1 feature summary

HD1‘s feature Summary on this article. Ailunce HD1, the famous DMR amateur radio for radio amateurs. With the high power 10W makes the communicate range more further. With the IP67, makes it can be used in outdoor with the wet environment. Feature Summary FPP Almost all the functions can be operated by its keyboard, we…

RT8-Retevis IP67 Two way radio

The IP rating of a radio or oter device is made up of two numbers.                                  
The first number indicates the level of protection against ingress of solid objects including dust etc.
The second number (and the most important one when choosing a walkie-talkie!) is the level of protection from water or other liquids.
The higher each number is, the better the protection against solid objects or liquids getting into the radio and damaging it.