Amateur radio Retevis RT3s vs RT3

A new model Amateur Radio Retevis RT3S will be released soon. It has a little similar with the Model RT3, so here I will compare two models.  Retevis RT3S VS RT3 Model RT3 RT3S Picture  Mode Digital+Analog Digital+Analog  Frenquency Range Single Band UHF400-480MHz Dual Band VHF136-174MHz UHF400-480MHz Memory Channel 1000 Channels 3000 Channels power High≤5W […]

H777S A stylish license-free radio.

A license-free and stylish radio H777S is coming. Do I need a radio license first? license-free radio is not fashionable? not comprehensive? Don’t worry, Retevis H777S could satisfy your needs. 1. H777S-Stylish and license free radio. As we all known, USA country use FRS frequency, so for USA customers better use the H777S(FRS). What is FRS? […]