RT5R walkie talkie

RT-5R and RT-5RV Main Functions Comparisons

RT-5R walkie talkie  and RT-5RV  walkie talkie let’s compare the functions between these two radios.when we use the walkie-talkie, we will choose a suitable. The difference and the main functions between RT-5R and RT-5RV People who have used RT-5R and RT-5RV know that they are only different in appearance,RT-5RV walkie talkies is more durable because it has metal framework and […]

RT45 walkie talkie

RT45 walkie-talkie function introduction

The RT45 walkie-talkie is getting more and more popular because of its cool appearance and its own features, especially the baby monitoring function. Let’s walk into the world of RT45 with me. Introduction to the main functions of the RT45 walkie-talkie 1.RT45 walkie-talkie dual watch function Dual watch can be monitor two channel the same […]

Short distances weak signals solution

Short distances weak signals solution Many customers Ask about the bad short distances communication signals solution. Some of the most common is the Underground garage and ground communication, building and the outside parking lot communication, and different floors of building is weak signals. Now we will provide a simple solution, just need a repeater box and two walkie talkie. […]

What is the PoC Handset Radio?

PoC is an abbreviation of Push-to-Talk Over Cellular.
It means that you can communicate with your partner in one system by 4G/LTE network.
It is a technique of using the mobile phone network , to make calls that conduct like conventional walkie talkie,  with instant access and one to many calls,
one to one call, many to many call, use of the advantage on the world-wide coverage of the cellular phone networks, GSM, 3G, 4G etc.

What is the Talk Around?

What’s the talk around function? It is a repeater Talk around function, usually you will see T/A, it is the short of it. It means “talking around the repeater”. So, Talk-a-Round (aka Direct) is where the mobile or portable talks simplex to others on the output frequency of the repeater they normally use. It is primarily […]