RT51-An Inexpensive PoC radio

This article was written by the US tester. A review of the new Retevis RT51– an inexpensive Poc Alternative The  RT51 PoC Handheld radio is a Push-to-Talk (PTT) communications tool, uses existing AT&T and T-Mobile cellular for voice signal propagation. Retevis presents it as an inexpensive communications device and platform that allows for group and […]

Retevis RT51 POC 4G LTE Radio

My review of the Retevis RT51 and my thoughts on POC radio If you’re not familiar with POC or (Push to talk Over Cellular) I’m sure you have some questions. I’ll do my best to answer them. This is my first POC radio so I’m still learning all the ins and outs. Update Oct 31st […]

RT87 Radio Testing In The Cold

Retevis RT87 in the cold. Lewis, our Retevis friend, tested this IP67 radio RT87 in this cold winter in the UK. RT87 is a Dual-band Analog IP67 radio. Wanna know more about its specification, please click here: https://www.retevis.com/ip67-dual-band-rt87-amateur-radio He tested this RT87 with the temperature around 3 or 4 degrees. Check the location: First, he put some […]

Les quatres talkie-walkies PMR446 de notre marque RETEVIS

Il y a quatres talkie-walkies PMR446 pour notre marque RETEVIS: RT24, RT27, RT40, RT45. pour le moment, je vais vous expliquer ses caractéristiques.   Mais tout d’abord, qu’est ce que ça veut dire PMR446? PMR446 (Private Mobile Radiocommunications), un terme eu Europe, est une fréquence 446 MHz de talkie-walkie. Les peuples peuvent utiliser gratuitement cette fréquence 446 MHz bien que vous n’avez […]

RT5 outdoor walkie-talkie solution

When you are using the walkie-talkie outdoors, choosing the RT5 outdoor walkie-talkie is your best choice. Almost all the features you need can be met.The RT5 outdoor walkie-talkie includes three types of power: high, medium and low, 7W/5W/1W. You can switch flexibly in different scenarios. When you are in an empty place, you can adjust […]