RT5 security walkie talkies solution

When the walkie-talkie is used in the security department, the security workers have higher requirements for the security of the information transmission of the walkie-talkie. This RT5 walkie talkies can meet your needs. We take the security department as an example. The specific methods will be presented below.   Retevis RT5 frequency and CTCSS   […]

Software program Retevis RT52 Dual PTT DMR radio (2)

RT52 software program Digital Contacts RT52 support edit 32 DTMF contacts. and 10000 digital contacts, also can import 10,0000 Amateur database.  In RT52 software, When editing digital contacts. you need to select Group call or Private call firstly, then double click the numbers,the dialogue box will pop-up.  RT52 support 10,0000 DMR database.   RT52 support […]

Come aggiorna il firmware di RT82

Controlla la versione del Suo walkie talkie. Dovrebbe sapere se Il Suo walkie talkie ha il GPS.Che è molto facile. Basta controllare la versione del firmware. Accendere la radio, fare clic su “MENU-Utilities-Radio Setting-Radio Info-Versions”, vede la versione del firmware. “S” significa GPS. “D” significa nessun GPS. Ad esempio, la versione del firmware sottostante non […]

How to active VOX function of H777S?

What is VOX function?How to use it?Let me introduce it to you.When using your H777S,turn on this Vox function,you don’t need press PTT button when transmiting. When VOX is on your working channel,speak to the microphone directly,it will transmit automatically.It looks like this function is very convenience,So how to operate H777S Vox function?Let’s learn it […]