Ailunce HD1 in Emergency Service

Ailunce HD1 in Emergency Service is a special experience. As we know, Ailunce HD1 was designed for amateurs, the idea comes from the hams all over the world. Do you know Ailunce HD1 can be used in Emergency Service? The owner of Ailunce HD1  Tim  shared his experiences with us. He is not only a ham, […]

Super Mini Walkie talkie RT42/RT642

Super Mini walkie talkie RT42/RT642 was released by Retevis.  It has the pocket-size,  with excellent design and advanced technology. Two version for RT42/RT642 RT42 is the license-free FRS band radio for US and Canada RT642 is the license-free PMR446 band radio for Europe countries. License-free radio Free your time from regulatory paperwork and licensing applications. […]

Retevis RT50 DMR radio Introduction

Retevis RT50 Introduction By TheSmokinApe The Retevis RT50 is a Single Band (UFH or 70cm) Analog and Digital handheld Radio that is currently priced at $129.00 USD from Retevis’s website. The RT50 is a feature packed radio that can be used both in Commercial applications and by Amatuer Radio enthisuiests.  Some of the key features […]