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Retevis RT29 Brief Introduction

Retevis RT29 is a new multi-function two way radio launched by the company recently.Retevis RT29 two-way radio has super long range.its durability design and large battery capacity make it an ideal choice of two-way radio for outdoor use – even in extreme weather and hazardous conditions Retevis RT29 Brief Introduction Retevis RT29 has H/M/L power switching,it allows […]

RT3S how to set keyboard lock?

Some customers after purchase RT3S,sometimes they will say the keyboard is useless,they will find out that keyboard is no respond when  press the buttons.This maybe the keyboard islocked.When RT3S keyboard is locked,you can’t go into menu,you also can’t operate any features.Equally ,when you don’t want others operate your radio.you can lock it.So how tooperate this function […]

How to set RT15 scramble function?

RT15 is a very small,exquisite walkie talkie,you can put it in your pocket when using it,then it will needn’t disturb you,This is very convenient.Although RT15 is tiny,its function is comprehensive.Such as scramble function is very practical.So what is scramble?What is use for?Scramble is a voice encryption mode,when you and your partner converse use walkie talkies,if […]