How to Increase Your Two Way Radio’s Power?-Retevis RT91

Why do you need to Increase Your Two Way Radio’s Power?
You may come across a time where you do need that boost in power, if you’ve got a decent antenna and conditions, right then the additional bit power can’t help
massively, sometimes the the 5 watts that these radios pack or some of the other radios that you can get pack just may not cut it for the desired purpose, maybe at this time, you will need a power amplifier such as Retevis RT91.

The first DMR Mobile Radio RT90

Retevis RT90, as the first mobile radio, comes with the handheld Mic speaker. Make it easier to talk with each others when driving. Now Use the coupon: RetevisRT90  to save USD30 on Retevis RT90 here: What’s the features of Mobile radio RT90? Dual mode ( Analog & Digital) Dual band (VHF & UHF) Dual…