The difference of RT5 and RT21

Sometimes customers ask us:I want walkie talkies to communicate with others,I like RT21 and RT5,which radio do you recommend?They are all analog radios,what the difference of these two radios?Let detailed discussion it. Output power The power of RT21 is 2.5W,the usual transmission distance of the peer is 0.5–2.5miles,RT5 is 5w radio,so in the communication distance,RT5 […]

The dual standby license-free radio RT16

The Dual Standby License-free radio Model RT16 is coming. With 11 NoAA channels, dual standby and USB charging License-free Radio RT16, Can be used for outdoor activity, family plays like camping and etc. More Retevis models for outdoor here: It has: 11 NOAA channels: Help you easy to receive the weather information Weather Alert:  Automatically […]