Retevis RT97 – Why use a repeater?

Retevis RT97 – Why use a repeater?  This blog is from our website: What is the maximum call distance of the handheld walkie-talkie? Commonly used handheld station frequency is UHF: 430mHz~520mHz.The UHF radio wave transmission method is straight line propagation. The maximum theoretical talk distance of the walkie-talkie,Approximately equal to the direct viewing distance […]

The unique repeater RT97

The unique repeater RT97, your best choice!! Worried about the talking distance? Don’t know how to install a repeater? Feeling dizzy about complex functions? Helpless with the big&heavy repeater that is difficult to carry on? It’s time to say goodbye because the RT97 is coming! RT97 is a convenient installation, easy to use, low power, light weight […]