Ailunce HD1 latest firmware v1.64 and software v2.18

Ailunce HD1 is a dual band amateur radio developed for hams. We provide Life-time Continuous Firmware Upgrade. Until 2019 November 12, the latest software version is V2.18 and firmware version is V1.64. Got feedback from HD1 customer, said they cant choose digital DCS codes D246N, D503N. So in the latest firmware and software we added total 42 DCS […]

How does Ailunce HD1 Connect to the Repeater ?

There are many HD1 customers always confused about how to connect the repeater correctly. Why there always display ‘Repeater Fail’? Let’s discuss it together. What is Repeater The repeater is a high-power signal Transponder, the hand-held radio transmission distance is limited, but it can be transmitted a farther distance through the repeater. Like a radio, the […]