2-Way Radio FAQ

2-Way Radio Frequently Asked Questions Can a VHF radio communicate with a UHF radio? Can a VHF or UHF Two way radio talk to FRS radios? Should I use VHF or UHF Two way radio? Can Planet Headset Black Box Plus and Bantam radios “talk” to my old radios? How long will my two way…

2-Way Radio Definitions

Two-Way Radio – A two-way radio is a hand held device or transceiver can both transmit and receive voice communication.  Broadcast Environment’s use receivers meaning one can receive voice but not transmit communications. Other terms for Two-Way radios include; walkie-talkies, hand held radio or handie-talkies. The three types of Two-Way radios are; hand-held, mobile, and stationary or base.…

How to set two way radio VOX function?

VOX stands for Voice Activated Transmit.VOX function is commonly found in most higher-end consumer two way radios. Allowing you to communicate (both transmit and receive content) without press PTT. If you match the radio with an earpiece, which with the speaker mic.attached to your collar, near your mouth, then it will make your hands totally free.

Retevis company profile

Shenzhen Retevis Technology CO.,LTD established in 2008, is a rapid growing Chinese Corporation. Focusing on R&D, produce, sale and after-sale of Two-way Radios and Radio Accessories. We are always dedicated to offer best products and service of two-way radio products. Retevis brand has enjoyed a high reputation worldwide, especially in US and european market.