Function introduces of RT75

RT75 is our new release compass kids walkie talkie, it has bright color, and unique appearance, you must love it! So do you know what function does it has? How do you operate it? Let discuss it together. Main functions: Adjustable volume level Channel Monitor Squelch Battery save Low Battery Alert Monitor Flashlight Keyboard lock […]

Retevis Backpack Repeater RT93

Retevis RT93, as the backpack portable repeater. It comes with Digital mode and Analog mode, can save 1024 channels. More specification: Let’s check the picture of this backpack repeater first. For this backpack digital repeater RT93, it has the Antenna interface, witht the power, data extension and interface in the side. Like the below picture: […]

How to active the VOX function of RT67?

RT67 is our new release license-free radio, it has bright color,red and orange, it’s a delicate little walkie walkie, and some customers wondering how to active the VOX function of RT67, so what is VOX function?  Turn on this function, you don’t need press PTT button when transmiting. When this functioso is on your working […]

Retevis RT67 for the amusement park

Do you like to visit the amusement park? Communication while visiting theme parks is important for the safety and enjoyment of all those visiting theme parks. Theme parks are often spread out and staying in contact with all members is critical.  Members of a group will be spread out over the theme park and keeping […]

Ailunce HD1 in Emergency Service

Ailunce HD1 in Emergency Service is a special experience. As we know, Ailunce HD1 was designed for amateurs, the idea comes from the hams all over the world. Do you know Ailunce HD1 can be used in Emergency Service? The owner of Ailunce HD1  Tim  shared his experiences with us. He is not only a ham, […]