Why would you choose RT82?

RT82 is a delicate UHF&VHF dual band, Dual Standby, Dual Time Slot radio, and it is delicate, durable radio. It is popular with many customers, especially loved by hams.So do you know why it is popular with many customer? What advantanges does it has? Let’s learn it”s advantages together. 1. It  has emergency function. RT82 […]

Review of the Retevis RT97 10W Repeater

Review of the Retevis RT97 10W Repeater. Hi, Soren from Seccom here. We have provided two way radios for a number of clients through the years. But mostly simplex radio to radio solutions, since most of our clients in the retail business does not need larger areas to cover. RT97 Solve the “Black Holes” But […]