RT3S Onto the Cover of Amateur Magazine

RT3S onto the cover of Amateur Magazine, named Practical Wireless Magazine on Nov,2018. The article’s name is ” The Retevis RT3S 144/430Mhz DMR Transceiver”. Writte by Tim Kirby with the callsign: G4VXE. He is the Editor for Practical Wireless magazine. Last year, he wrote the article about Ailunce HD1 on this Practical Wireless magazine. In his article, He…

RETEVIS Fact Sheet

RETEVIS Fact Sheet

As a growing radio communication company, we have been involved “amateur radio,business radio, children’s radio and outdoor radio” since 2008. Besides, Our RETEVIS products have not only got FCC, IC, CE, ROHS, PSE, RCM, TELEC and JATE certifications, but also have been on the cover of some hot magazine many times. How much do you know about RETEVIS fact sheet? 

RT45 Was shown in Stark Magazine

Retevis RT45 was appeared in Stark Magazine in April 2018. About Stark Magazine The Stark Magazine is a Germany magazine about the agricultural technology, Large format pictures show extraordinary agricultural technology and tell fascinating stories worldwide. It provides: 1, Fascinating pictures and posts 2, Exciting stories & background knowledge 3, Practical tips for hobby agricultural technicians…


How to make H-777 with RT21 RT-5R compatible?

The necessary condition for Retevis H-777, RT21 and RT-5R compatible is same frequency and same CTCSS. H-777:400-470MHz UHF analog radio RT21:400-480MHz FRS analog walkie talkies RT-5R:136-174/400-520MHz dual band keypad programmable hand-held transceiver Therefore, there is a common frequency range between the three of them. By programming them, they will be changed to same frequency and…