Quarter wave vertical antenna

Quarter wave vertical antenna

Vertical antennas are widely used at all frequencies from MF up to VHF and beyond. They exist in a variety of forms including the quarter wave vertical and ground plane antennas. They possess many advantages and are widely used for medium wave broadcasting as well as for mobile applications in areas including private mobile radio.…

The origin of World Radio Day

The origin of World Radio Day This is 13 February. It is World Radio Day, which was proclaimed on 3 November 2011 by UNESCO’s 36th General Conference. It was originally proposed by Spain. This special day is to make sure the important status of radios as a communication carrier in education development, information dissemination and…

Retevis radio factory resetting

Sometimes, when your radios suddenly not working after using for some time, Or you set your radios by mistake, it’s in a messed status, how to resolve it? One solution is to Do Factory Reset on the Radio. After factory resetting, all radios will be the original leaving factory data inside. Do you know how to do Retevis radio factory resetting?