Retevis product FAQ.

How to set two way radio VOX function?

VOX stands for Voice Activated Transmit.VOX function is commonly found in most higher-end consumer two way radios. Allowing you to communicate (both transmit and receive content) without press PTT. If you match the radio with an earpiece, which with the speaker mic.attached to your collar, near your mouth, then it will make your hands totally free.

Why Learn Radio Guide

Why Learn Radio Guide Cell phones have become our primary communication devices because of their versatility, portability and ease of use. However, the problem with relying on them too heavily is that during an emergency, the likelihood of them failing can become a big concern. If we think about contingencies and recognize the limitations of…

FRSGMRSMURSCBNWR Frequency and so on the difference(2)

FRSGMRSMURSCBNWR Frequency and so on the difference General Mobile Radio Service GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) dates back to the 1940s when the FCC established the service for “individuals and entities that were not eligible to hold ‘land mobile’ licenses in public safety or industrial and land transportation services.” Basically, it was originally available for…