Ailunce HD1 Promiscuous Mode Introduction

What’s the Promiscuous Mode? In Group call, open the Promiscuous, no matter contact or group list for two radios, they can talk with each other! ( precondition: frequency same, color code same, time slot same). Usually talk with each other in digital mode, you need to meet: 1, TX and RX Frequencies are same 2, Color codes…

Ailunce HD1 software introduction

HD1 Software can be used for programming your radio by PC. So it is very important. Ailunce HD1 is a dual band DMR Amateur radio for hams, a lot of hams are professional, but some are new ham. Where to download the HD1 software? 2 ways: 1, Go to Retevis Resources Center:  Find the…

RT3S Software Introduction

The Software is necessary for a radio. You need to setup your radio by software. We know RT3S is a dual band DMR amateur radio, has a lot of functions. We need to set them by software. If you don’t know how to program your radio or you are a newbie. I think this article…

Let’s learn How to set the remote kill and remote active?

Remote skill ,This unique function used in situations where the radio has been lost temporarilyor stolen, or your radios rent to others, but they are not returned in time. Then we just remote kill kill the lost/rented/stolen radios,  and the radio can not work ,neither receive nor transmit. This prevents the radio from being used illegally.
Remote active, When the lost radio has been re-located, We can use another device to send he remote active signal, Then  its functions has been all re-activated.

I am so interested in that, The Remote Kill, Remote Active functions provide a safety feature to prevent its unauthorized let us learn how to set it on radios. I choose the RT3 and RT8 as an examples to show hot to set.