Super Mini Walkie talkie RT42/RT642

Super Mini walkie talkie RT42/RT642 was released by Retevis.  It has the pocket-size,  with excellent design and advanced technology. Two version for RT42/RT642 RT42 is the license-free FRS band radio for US and Canada RT642 is the license-free PMR446 band radio for Europe countries. License-free radio Free your time from regulatory paperwork and licensing applications. […]

Retevis RT50 DMR radio Introduction

Retevis RT50 Introduction By TheSmokinApe The Retevis RT50 is a Single Band (UFH or 70cm) Analog and Digital handheld Radio that is currently priced at $129.00 USD from Retevis’s website. The RT50 is a feature packed radio that can be used both in Commercial applications and by Amatuer Radio enthisuiests.  Some of the key features […]

Retevis MURS Radio RT27V

Retevis RT27V is the MURS license-free radio. What is the MURS radio? It is the abbreviation of the Multi-Use Radio Service, is a two-way radio service consisting of five frequencies in the VHF spectrum. No need license, you can use this MURS radio directly. Also The FCC formally defines MURS with 5 channels in VHF. […]