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What’s actually inside of Retevis RT97?

Retevis RT97 is a new analog repeater released in 2019. It is a small and compact equipment, You can see it’s appearance is a metal case, so it is solid and dust-proof.RT97 Is a customizable repeater, it can be customized within the range UHF: 400-470MHz or VHF: 136-174MHz.So if you need any frequency within UHF: 400-470MHz or VHF: 136-174MHz, it will be ok.

The dual standby license-free radio RT16

The Dual Standby License-free radio Model RT16 is coming. With 11 NoAA channels, dual standby and USB charging License-free Radio RT16, Can be used for outdoor activity, family plays like camping and etc. More Retevis models for outdoor here: https://www.retevis.com/outdoor-radio It has: 11 NOAA channels: Help you easy to receive the weather information Weather Alert:  Automatically…

The Ultra-Thin license-free radio RT18

The Ultra-Thin License-free Radio RT18 is released, Now the presell is going on here: RT18 portable ultra-thin dual PTT walkie talkie The Ultra-Thin RT18: US version, Model RT18. Up to 16 Channels. License-free FRS Radio. EU version, Model RT618. Up to 16 channels. License-free PMR446 Radio. The Main features of Ultra-Thin RT18: USB rapid charge:…

The advantages of RT21 PLUS walkie talkie

Do you know  advantages of RT21 PLUS walkie talkie? Some customers will consult us some questions,for example, ”I want use radios for our school or hotel, the communicate distance is longer,and the price is relatively cheap and easy to operate,which radio do you recommend?”Generally speaking,I will recommend RT21 PLUS.So why I will recommend this radio?let…

How to Increase Your Two Way Radio’s Power?-Retevis RT91

Why do you need to Increase Your Two Way Radio’s Power?
You may come across a time where you do need that boost in power, if you’ve got a decent antenna and conditions, right then the additional bit power can’t help
massively, sometimes the the 5 watts that these radios pack or some of the other radios that you can get pack just may not cut it for the desired purpose, maybe at this time, you will need a power amplifier such as Retevis RT91.