Retevis IP67 RADIOS

IP67 Waterproof Retevis radio Summary

Retevis IP67 waterproof radio Summary. Retevis has lots of models with the IP67 rated. First we need to know what is the IP67? Waterproof IP67 means the radio can stay into the In a meter of non-flowing water for half an hour. Please note Waterproof is different from water resistant. Please confirm with the seller […]

What are the Similarity and different of Retevis RT50&RT81?

What are the Similarity and different of Retevis RT50&RT81? It is well known that there are many different types of waterproof walkie-talkies in Retevis. Analog waterproof Walkie talkie including RT47,RT48,RT6,RT87,RT29; DMR waterproof walkie talkie including RT50,RT81,RT83,RT82,RT8. We also have RT55 ip67 Marine Radio. Many of them have very good customer feedback, and they are used […]

RT97 communication for Security guards

Property status of property wireless communication The development for economy and society, at the same time the people’s living standard has also risen. The residential district is bigger and bigger, so the property management became very important. But there is a question about the communication. In order to ensure service quality and response time, they […]