License-free radio Retevis RT49

A new License-free radio RT49, with the bright color is released. Usually there will have two versions, FRS version and PMR446 version. Now the FRS version was released, I think the PMR446 version will release soon. The features of License-free radio RT49: 1, Bright color, break the traditional colors of black walkie-talkies. More suitable for family […]

what’s the advantages of Retevis RT82

Retevis RT82, The dual band dual mode IP67 Ham Amateur Radio, now discount is on Retevis official website: Retevis RT82 Discount Lots of Hams had this RT82 in hand, offered us lots of feedback. With the development of technology on two way radios, people have higher requirements on the communication range. So lots people want […]

RT97 Repeater Basics

Do you know how about RT97 Repeater Basics? What is HF, UHF, VHF? As a hot-selling repeater model,The sales performance of the RT97 is still good. But with the increase in sales, We found that some of our customers still have a lack of understanding of RT97 repeater. So This article will talk about RT97 from […]

Why would you choose RT82?

RT82 is a delicate UHF&VHF dual band, Dual Standby, Dual Time Slot radio, and it is delicate, durable radio. It is popular with many customers, especially loved by hams.So do you know why it is popular with many customer? What advantanges does it has? Let’s learn it”s advantages together. 1. It  has emergency function. RT82 […]

10 things You shouldn’t forget about RT82

Retevis RT82 highlights you need remember. The famous amateur radio which posted on the cover of the UK’s best selling Amateur Radio Magazine: Practical Wireless. For whole article of this Model RT82. Find here: Retevis RT82, the dual band DMR amateur radio, Up to 3000 channels, support upload 100,000 contacts list, built-in CTCSS/DCS (analog […]