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The first DMR Mobile Radio RT90

Retevis RT90, as the first mobile radio, comes with the handheld Mic speaker. Make it easier to talk with each others when driving. Now Use the coupon: RetevisRT90  to save USD30 on Retevis RT90 here: http://bit.ly/2ViqspN What’s the features of Mobile radio RT90? Dual mode ( Analog & Digital) Dual band (VHF & UHF) Dual…

How to Connect the RT9550 with HD1?

How to Connect the RT9550 with HD1? We all know that repeater is always used for amplify signals, increase communication distance and extend coverage. Retevis put a new repeater on the market, it is RT9550.  It is a DMR Repeater, have Digital/Analog mode. Today we will talk about how to connect the RT9550 with HD1 by software and…

Ailunce HD1 Field Programming Radio

Ailunce HD1 Field Programming Radio review

Since Ailunce HD1 Field Programming Radio was released officially from Jan,2018, Lots of hams volunteered to do all kinds of reviews,even someone called it’s a game changing radio. When you try to search “Ailunce HD1”on youtube.com, you will find so many videos, especially a review from MikesRadioRepair is very neutral and objective, you would find some interesting points when he breaks down Ailunce HD1 below.

RT3S Onto the Cover of Amateur Magazine

RT3S onto the cover of Amateur Magazine, named Practical Wireless Magazine on Nov,2018. The article’s name is ” The Retevis RT3S 144/430Mhz DMR Transceiver”. Writte by Tim Kirby with the callsign: G4VXE. He is the Editor for Practical Wireless magazine. Last year, he wrote the article about Ailunce HD1 on this Practical Wireless magazine. In his article, He…