La procédure de programmer le talkie-walkie Retevis RT27

Le talkie-walkie RT27 est un talkie-walkie PMR446, sans licence de notre marque, Retevis. Il peut communiquer directement avec le talkie-walkie Retevis RT24, un autre talkie-walkie populaire en Europe, sans besoin de programmer car ils ont les même fréquences et les même CTCSS/DCS. Si vous souhaitez que ce talkie-walkie Retevis RT27 peut communiquer avez d’autres talkie-walkies, vous…

Ailunce HD1 Field Programming Radio

Ailunce HD1 Field Programming Radio review

Since Ailunce HD1 Field Programming Radio was released officially from Jan,2018, Lots of hams volunteered to do all kinds of reviews,even someone called it’s a game changing radio. When you try to search “Ailunce HD1”on, you will find so many videos, especially a review from MikesRadioRepair is very neutral and objective, you would find some interesting points when he breaks down Ailunce HD1 below.