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walkie talkie static-sound

How To Handle Walkie Talkie Static Sound ?

Wireless intercom whether handheld radio, repeater or car radio, during communication, or affected by external noise such as Walkie Talkie Static Sound, and interference in the transmission of data the Central Standing Committee. Severe cases will lead bad quality, data transmission interrupted, unable to work. Such radio interference for the user in terms of the…


How to Protect Your Walkie Talkie Battery Best

If you want long-term storage your walkie talkie battery, preservation charged more desirable, walkie-talkie lithium battery generally require control more than 40%, conditional stored at 15 degree centigrade or even lower temperatures better, at different temperatures and the saturation level amplitude aging They are also different.keep walkie talkie battery best is very important.   How…


About dPMR

dPMR–a simple and cost effective digital PMR Technology. It was introduced in 2007 and is an ETSI compliant open FDMA digital protocol. The concept was to offer the market a logical migration solution from analogue to digital radio communications designed around the idea of employing proven technology, compatibility with existing analogue equipment, simplicity and low cost.…