How to set private call by software on RT84?

Rt84 is our new Dual Band DMR Radio, And it is Direct Mode/Dual Capacity Direct Mode(DCDM).

It is Digital and Analog Compatible, we will talk about how to set private call with digital mode on RT84.

Today We will take RT84 to private call RT3 for example.

First of all, we need to download the USB driver and software on:

Choose USB Universal Driver For RT84, This USB driver is suitable for all model of two way radios except RT3, RT8, HD1. Choose RT3 USB driver.

Then choose RT84 & RT3 software.

Secondly: we need to program the radio.


Unified set: RX=433.25000  TX=433.25000, color code=1, time slot=1;

RT84 ID: 258369                               RT3 ID: 123456

  1. Set RT84:

①Set the RT84 ID on General setting is 258369.

② Set digital contact as the picture below:

Contact Name: RT3, Call Type: Private Call, Call ID: 123456

③ Set the Channel information:

Please pay attention to the information of red frame.

Channel Mode: Digital; Channel Name: Channel1; RX/TX frequency=444.75000;

Contact Name: RT3; Color code=1, Repeater slot=1;

④ More Import:Please don’t forget to add this channel in to the zone, now we add it to zone1;

2.Set RT3:

①Set the radio name as RT3, Radio ID: 123456 on General Setting;

②Set the Digital Contacts:

Contact Name is RT3; Call Type: Private Call; Call ID: 258369;

③Set Channel Information:

Channel Mode : Digital; Channel Name: Private call; RX/TX frequency=444.75000;

Contact Name : RT3; Color code=1;  time slot=1;

④More Import:Please don’t forget to add this channel in to the zone, now we add it to zone2;

Now Finished!You can test! Press PTT to talk with each other!

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