New Retevis Site

New Retevis Site

Dear Customers:
Good news for you. Thank you for your patience as we completed our new retevis site design. In order to make better and better customers purchasing experience, We have added some new functions and optimized the normal functions we already have. We pay attention to the products display and customer purchase experience. It is easy for people to check all the digital radios and analog radios. Just click the title people could see all the digital models or all the analog models. Choose the model number then enter the special page of the single radio model number. If people satisfied with the radio, they could enter the purchase page by the button on the Upper right side.

About the support Part, we prepared all the softwares in this page. People could download retevis programming software and drivers here. Also could download the CHIRP programming software in this page too. And we attached the user manual in the lower side of this page. So people should not worry about they don’t know how to use the radio.

If Customers really have any other questions and problems, You could contact us at the CONTACT US zone. or send us email at we also have the guide and little tips to help customers to know more about the new site.

After you check all the details of our new site, you will find it is quite different from the old site. Also we changed our logo. So do you like our new logo? Do you have any ideas about our new site?
Today we are proud to announce that our new site is LIVE! Please let us know what you think.

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Thanks for your time! If you have any comments and advises, don’t hesitate to leave them at OR

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