The Advantages of Walkie Talkies

The walkie-talkies are widely used in farm, construction, restaurant, warehouse, safety and security and so on. But still have people don’t know more about the walkie-talkies. Retevis classify the walkie-talkie into amateur radio, business radio, outdoor radio and kids radio based on the user. Overview of the Walkie Talkie Before discussing the advantages Of walkie talkies, I believe […]

How to Increase Your Two Way Radio’s Power?-Retevis RT91

Why do you need to Increase Your Two Way Radio’s Power?
You may come across a time where you do need that boost in power, if you’ve got a decent antenna and conditions, right then the additional bit power can’t help
massively, sometimes the the 5 watts that these radios pack or some of the other radios that you can get pack just may not cut it for the desired purpose, maybe at this time, you will need a power amplifier such as Retevis RT91.

Retevis RT23 Analog Cross-Band Repeater Radio

There has an analog radio with Unique function, chic designed, cross-band repeater function, Dual PTT, Dual receiving. It is Retevis RT23, Dual Receiving simultaneous Walkie Talkie. Yes, Dual Receiving is coming, today I will take you to learn more about RT23, there are many other functions as shown below. Cross-Band Repeater function Turn on radio RT23, […]

How to set RT29 scan function?

Do you know what is RT29 scan function? when scanned channel have signal, the radio will automatically stop at this channel and for conversation.So this function is very practical.How to set RT29 scan function?let’s learn it together. First,you must program RT29. Here is the blog of RT29 program: When you install the software,please write the […]

The RT97 for long distance communication application

Do you always have a issue that the handheld radio can’t reach distance you want, however, if make a plan to order a repeater, normally it’s very expensive with lumpish body. Retevis develop a repeater RT97 to solve this problem, RT97 is analog repeater with economic price and light body to take easily for long distance communication application, which mainly used mountains and big farm and so on.

Do you know how to program RT1?

RT1 is 10W radio,and the battery is 3000mAh,it can support longer distance communication,and the standby time is longer.It can use for long distance trip,communication,so it is popular with many people.However,after purchase them,many people can’t program it,so how to program RT1?Let’s learn it together. What do you need? 1. RT1 radio 2. Program cable C9018A,you can […]