Introducing the Retevis RB17/RB617 License Free Radio

Retevis RB17/RB617 License-free radio was released, RB17 is the FRS band license-free radio, and RB617 is the PMR446 band License-free radio. When you want to order, please make sure which license-free band you need, then choose the right version. Retevis RB17/RB617 radio feature includes: 1,  Long standby- It has the 4400mAh large-capacity battery. No need […]

How to choose GMRS or FRS radios?

Have you met the problem about how to choose GMRS or FRS radios? If answer is yes, don’t worry, this blog will help you with this question. What is FRS? The Family Radio Service (FRS) is a private, two-way, short-distance voice and data communications service for facilitating family and group activities. The FRS radio utilizes […]

Getting Started with Your Retevis RT51 POC radio

Getting Started with Your Retevis RT51- The Unlimited Range License-free POC business radio. If you haven’t already heard about PoC radios, please check this blog. Because they are gaining in popularity. The PoC radios offer the benefits of always-connected mobile service, and the near-instantaneous functionality of two-way radio. Well-suited for small to large businesses that […]

Retevis best radio For making film

Retevis best radio For making film. Whether it’s a low-budget movie or a big-budget movie, Two way radios are the necessary communication for film making. It will not only save your time, but also save the cost of communication. So how to choose the right radio will become a big problem. Want a Best radio, […]

2019 Top Selling Waterproof Radio RT48

2019 Top selling waterproof Radio Retevis RT48 Want to own a waterproof walkie-talkie, but don’t know how to choose? If you use it for commercial use or family, I would strongly recommend Retevis RT648/RT48 This 2019 Top selling waterproof Radio Retevis RT48 was released in 2019, is a new type of licence-free waterproof walkie-talkie.   […]

The best two way radio for cruise

Do you know how to choose the best two way radio for Cruise? Now the Cruises not only provide the wonderful option for families, like waterslides, mini-golf courses and fun clubs for kids and teens. But also offer the plans, like Pick your destination and the right ship for you. Make your family traval more […]