The best two way radio for cruise

Do you know how to choose the best two way radio for Cruise? Now the Cruises not only provide the wonderful option for families, like waterslides, mini-golf courses and fun clubs for kids and teens. But also offer the plans, like Pick your destination and the right ship for you. Make your family traval more […]

Retevis MURS Radio RT27V

Retevis RT27V is the MURS license-free radio. What is the MURS radio? It is the abbreviation of the Multi-Use Radio Service, is a two-way radio service consisting of five frequencies in the VHF spectrum. No need license, you can use this MURS radio directly. Also The FCC formally defines MURS with 5 channels in VHF. […]

Business two way radios-make your work place more secure

Even though lots of people think any walkie talkie can be used for business, But because Retevis is the Professional Brand to R&D the two way radios, we still need to remind everyone here: not all two way radios are suited for business. Maybe you still choose the License-free walkie talkie for your business, for […]

IP67 Waterproof Retevis radio Summary

Retevis IP67 waterproof radio Summary. Retevis has lots of models with the IP67 rated. First we need to know what is the IP67? Waterproof IP67 means the radio can stay into the In a meter of non-flowing water for half an hour. Please note Waterproof is different from water resistant. Please confirm with the seller […]

Choose the Right DMR radio for your business

Choosing the right DMR radio for your business will help you a lot. With the expansion of commercial scale, It is necessary to offer a fast and effective response. So Instant communication is becoming more and more popular in the business area. In order to realize this goal, More and more businesses choose to use the […]

Why choose DMR Radio RT40 as a business radio?

Why we need to choose DMR Radio RT40 as a business radio? Retevis RT40 is a Basic DMR Radio for Business. If you want to have coordinate communication between multiple teams or units, maybe the Analog walkie talkie can’t meet your needs. In this time, maybe you need to have a DMR Radio. But it is well-known that […]

Improving Your Radio Range by Repeater RT97

Communication range is the point that everyone is paying attention to.   Which will affect the communication range of radio? 1, The power of the radio 2, Your radio antenna system 3, The frequency band you used 4, Surrouding terrain 5, Surrouding buildings’ meterial 6, Used in outdoor or indoor.   When you met the problem […]