rt29 scramble

Retevis RT29 scramble function introduction

Retevis RT29 is an analog radio,  UHF or VHF available, also IP67 water-dust proof version available. 3200mAh(Li-ion) big battery capacity, long standby time. 10w big power, long communication range. RT29 also has an important function, scramble function. Some customers may not familiar with it, today let’s make a RT29 scramble function introduction. In telecommunications, scramble function […]

Do you know how to adjust H777S squelch level?

Walkie talkies have a common function:squelch function.However,how much do you know about squelch function,how to adjust it?let us learn it together. In the wireless communication of wireless walkie-talkies, background noise will occur inevitably. background noise will affect call quality, so most walkie-talkies have squelch function. If the squelch level is lower, the background noise of opening […]

How to unlock RT5 ?

RT5 have the lock function,it will make our walkie talkies very safety.After you set up the walkie-talkie,keypad lock prevents you from wrong operation.So when you hiking,put the walkie-talkie in the pocket,you don’t worry change some numerical value,and don’t worry about losing contact with your partner.However,for those unfamiliar with walkie-talkies,it is difficult to unlock when radio is […]

Procédure de mise à jour de firmware de talkie-walkie RT8

Bonjour, tout le monde, aujourd’hui, je vais vous présente la procédure de mise à jour de firmware de talkie-walkie Retevis  RT8   Tout d’abord, télécharger le firmware de talkie-walkie RT8:  https://www.retevis.com/resources-center     2. Ensuite, installez “DMR Firmware DownLoad Setup v3,05” et exécutez UpgradeDownload.exe Sélectionnez et double-cliquez sur l’application “UpgradeDownload.exe” pour ouvrir le logiciel de […]

RT5R walkie talkie

RT-5R and RT-5RV Main Functions Comparisons

RT-5R walkie talkie  and RT-5RV  walkie talkie let’s compare the functions between these two radios.when we use the walkie-talkie, we will choose a suitable. The difference and the main functions between RT-5R and RT-5RV People who have used RT-5R and RT-5RV know that they are only different in appearance,RT-5RV walkie talkies is more durable because it has metal framework and […]