Radio Signal Path Loss

Walkie-talkie Radio Signal Path Loss

Walkie-talkie Radio signal path loss is a particularly important element in the design of any radio communications system or wireless system. The radio signal path loss will determine many elements of the radio communications system in particular the transmitter power, and the antennas, especially their gain, height and general location. The radio path loss will…


Interphone battery life

Interphone battery life Many businesses rely on two-way radio communication, both for workforce efficiency and safety. Battery life is therefore critical. TIn order to keep communication flowing, it can help to understand transmission cycles, battery types, and how to look after your batteries. How long do two-way radio batteries last? On average most two-way radio…


The benefits of Trunking

The benefits of Trunking Trunking has a wide range of benefits. As a high number of user groups can be accommodated over a limited number of channels, trunked radio is able to meet the needs of organisations, with multiple departments and teams. It has also had huge ramifications for public safety and the events industry.…