RT21 generation 2

RT21 Generation 2 is Coming!!!

RT21 generation 2 is coming!! RT21 always optimized according to customer needs and the RT21 generation 2 absorbs the excellent places in the first generation RT21, making up for the shortcomings of the first generation RT21. According to the needs of customers and the needs of the market, the second generation RT21 birth.   The RT21 generation 2 is […]

RT21 walkie talkies

RT21 walkie talkies:Troubleshooting

RT21:One walkie talkie can not talk with others When we buy walkie-talkies, there are always some problems which cause one of the walkie-talkie can not work together with others(such as RT21).But how to check the problems to fix it?you can find the reasons from the following aspects:   Troubleshooting: 1.Adjust volume to the Maximum,and make sure […]