How to make HD1 communication in different encryption levels?

About radio encyption function, different brands with different encryption ways, even same brand different models, may the encryption is also difference. so when you meet different brands encryption questions, which is normal status. let us learn to how to make same brand two HD1 communication in different encryption levels, The encryption of HD1 has two ways: normal and enhanced encryption

How to set HD1 radio encryption function?

HD1 has two encryption modes, normal and enhanced levels. Different encryption levels, the method of set is also different, for HD1, normal encryption just has 4 bits, however, enhanced encryption has 32 bits. you can set digital , letter, or combine digital+letter, let us learn to set HD1 radio encryption function

How to use FTDI cable

How to use FTDI cable? The cable is very easy to use. 1.What is FTDI cable? FTDI is a USB programming cable. But the different between FTDI and the common cable is that FTDI has the FTDI chip. The speed of read data will faster than the common cable.And it is flexible, strong and durable […]

Ailunce HD1 Promiscuous Mode Introduction

What’s the Promiscuous Mode? In Group call, open the Promiscuous, no matter contact or group list for two radios, they can talk with each other! ( precondition: frequency same, color code same, time slot same). Usually talk with each other in digital mode, you need to meet: 1, TX and RX Frequencies are same 2, Color codes […]

Ailunce HD1 software introduction

HD1 Software can be used for programming your radio by PC. So it is very important. Ailunce HD1 is a dual band DMR Amateur radio for hams, a lot of hams are professional, but some are new ham. Where to download the HD1 software? 2 ways: 1, Go to Retevis Resources Center:  Find the […]