How to set up RT9000D factory Default ?

How to set up RT9000D factory Default ? If your radio seems to be malfunctioning, resetting the microprocessor may solve the probkem. When performing the reset, you may lose memory data and stored information. Back up or write down important data before performing the reset. 1.Press and Hold Key for over 2s to enter general setting […]

How to programme Retevis RT9000D

How to programme Retevis RT9000D Retevis RT9000D is one of Mobile Car Ham Radio Transceiver, which support VHF and UHF Frequency range, VHF: 66-88/136-174/220-260Mhz and UHF:400-490MHz, Also bigger power at 10-60w. Communicate distance is very longer. Same radio model no. is with same default settings. For Retevis RT9000D, just switch 2 new radios in same channel, […]

HD1 remote kill and wake up function

Under remote kill function one can neither hear(receiving signals), nor transmitting. Some of our customers say they never use remote kill function on their DMR radio. Because they do not want anyone kill them whether it is intentional or unintentional. But for HD1 remote kill function, you can operation through software to choose remote kill or […]