What is the best Repeater?

What is the best Repeater? Many customers will ask What is the best Repeater? Is the most expensive the best? The answer is no. We think For the repeater, the the right is the best. Generally speaking, Repeater can be divided into digital repeater and analog repeater. And it also have a lot of latitude […]

Field Test Repeater RT97 by Retevis

Field test repeater RT97 by Retevis Last time, I wrote a blog about how to calculate the repeater’s range. This conlcusion is based on ideal calculations. So how far is the repeater RT97‘s communication range? Our friend Lewis from the United Kingdom made a field test already, here is the video: Yesterday We made a […]

Retevis RT97 – Why use a repeater?

Retevis RT97 – Why use a repeater?  This blog is from our website: www.retevissolutions.com What is the maximum call distance of the handheld walkie-talkie? Commonly used handheld station frequency is UHF: 430mHz~520mHz.The UHF radio wave transmission method is straight line propagation. The maximum theoretical talk distance of the walkie-talkie,Approximately equal to the direct viewing distance […]

The unique repeater RT97

The unique repeater RT97, your best choice!! Worried about the talking distance? Don’t know how to install a repeater? Feeling dizzy about complex functions? Helpless with the big&heavy repeater that is difficult to carry on? It’s time to say goodbye because the RT97 is coming! RT97 is a convenient installation, easy to use, low power, light weight […]

Review of the Retevis RT97 10W Repeater

Review of the Retevis RT97 10W Repeater. Hi, Soren from Seccom here. We have provided two way radios for a number of clients through the years. But mostly simplex radio to radio solutions, since most of our clients in the retail business does not need larger areas to cover. RT97 Solve the “Black Holes” But […]