The repeater RT97’S advantage

Before talking about the Retevis RT97 repeater’s advantage, we need to know why we need to install a repeater.   Why should you choose a  repeater?   As we all know, the transmission distance of the walkie talkie is limited and it is easy to be interfered by various factors.When the transmission distance between the […]

6 Reasons why Choose RT97 Repeater

Retevis RT97 is the 10W mini portable repeater which support customized frequency, and supply Multi-charger: car charger, and DC12V~24V power supply. Below are some reasons you will choose RT97 repeater. 1, Compact& Lightweight  Get maximum performance with minimal weight. The RETEVIS RT97 portable repeater boasts an compact, lightweight and portable design that is ideal for the fast-response situation […]

RT97 mini repeater range test

RT97 analog repeater is portable size, economical cost, but powerful in increasing the communication range. Many customers has chosen it to use for factories, camp, farm, company, etc.. The other customer may be curious what’s this mini repeater range will be, after using this analog repeater? To answer this question, Retevis arranged a test. What […]