PC28 FTDI Chip USB Programming Cable introduction

PC28 FTDI Chip USB Programming Cable introduction

1. PC28 FTDI Chip USB Programming Cable intro:
It’s one kind of plug and play USB programming cable for Radio. It is different with the common programming that it is with FTDI Chip. Then with Good compatibility, and don’t worry about driver.


2. What is FTDI Chip:
FTDI Chip offer the widely range of USB base Converter cables offering many kind of connectivity options. PC28 USB Programming Cable feature integrated electronics assemblies featuring featuring FTDI ICs providing simple easy-to-use connectivity for USB Programming conversion applications. And all cables are fully RoHS compliant and are FCC/CE approved.


3.FTDI Chip USB Programming Cable Characteristic:
Flexible, strong and durable of FTDI Chip Programming Cable, Support multisystem, No Driver Issues, No old drivers needed, Plug and Play


4. Supporting multisystem of PC28 FTDI Chip USB Programming Cable:5. The FTDI Chip USB Programming Cable comparison with without FTDI Chip:

ModelPC28 (With FTDI Chip) Common programming cable
Cable length92cm90cm/100cm
Connecter typeKenwood 2 PIN/standard A4 USB adapter Ear 3.5mm stereo(top pin).Mic 2.5mm stereo(bottom pin)/2.5 mm & 3.5 mm Plus
Internal integrationFTDI 232
Cable meterialBlack PU lineBlack PU line
Shell meterialABS blackABS black
Working voltageDC 5V +0.5V
Support systemWinXP/7/8/10 Linux/Mac OS X/
Android/ Windows XP/2000/98/Vista
Win XP/Win7/Win8
RetevisH777,RT7,RT1,RT21,RT22,RT24,RT23,RT26 ,RT5, RT5R,RT5RV, RT81H777,RT-5R,RT-B6,RT-5RV,R888s Plus
USB Programming Cable picture

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