How to program RT29

RT29 is a Large capacity battery 3000mAh, High Power, three level for output power radio.

But how to program RT29,Let us program it together.

Program RT29 when you need make some changes:

Please following these steps.

Program RT29 radio-Basic operation of  program RT29 radio

Step 1.Please download RT29 software and HD1 USB driver here.

And then install RT29 software and HD1 USB driver.

Step 2.You need HD1 program cable J9131P.

Step 3. Let J9131P connected radio side and PC side.

Step 4.Turn on RT29 radio.

Step 5.We will find RT29 radio software interface.

Step 6.Click Setting–Set Com, choose right Com. Please check in computer-device manager.

Step 7.Click “Program”—Read from radio. click “Read”. Then you will find the data of the radio.

Program RT29 radio-change frequency

Step 8.If you want to change the radio frequency. Find the channel you want to change. click “»”. You can change the frequency CTCSS/DCS here.

For Example, Channel 1: RX frequency 446.625

TX frequency 446.625

CTCSS/DCS Decode 67.0

CTCSS/DCS Encode 67.0

Step 9.You can also change the TX power, Channel Spacing and so on.

Step 10.Click “program”–Write to radio. Then all data will be saved to your radio.


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