How to programe RT95 mobile radio?

RT95 is a Dual Band Transceiver Mobile Car Radio, US frequency VHF is 144-148MHz,430-440MHz,and EU frequency VHFis 144-146Mhz,430-440MHz.200 programmable memory channels.maximum power 25W.Today,let us how to programme RT95 mobile radio?


Prepare steps:

Step 1:Please download and install RT95 software in RETEVIS official website


Step 2:Install again the RT95 driver in downloaded RT95 software


Step 3: You need a RT95 programming cable J9129A:

Step 4: Connect your RT95 with you PC, using progrogramming cable. Note, RT95 need plug power

Step 5: Turn on the radio RT95

Step 6: Choose the correct communication port
(check in computer-device manager) RT95

Step 7:Choose the correct frequency band(1/3) depond on your demand (US frequency VHF 144-148MHz,430-440MHz,and EU frequency VHF 144-146Mhz,430-440MHz)


Programming steps:

Step 8: Write the date, such as “RX frequency”, “TX frequency” CTC/DCS DEC and CTC/DCS ENC in to the channel one
For example:
RX frequency:146.00000
TX frequency:430.00000


Step 9:Click “Write to Radio”. Then all datas will be save to radio.


44 thoughts on “How to programe RT95 mobile radio?

  1. is there any information about RT95 *.dat code-file ?
    it’s binary and specific. it works with rt95 programming sw.
    rt95 soft is tiny and small. ther ist no export function such as *.csv export.
    i need a csv- export/import function to handle rt95 device in ms-excel or
    any other soft to do this. CSV impex is basic to go with rt95.
    73’s db7ji

      1. Hi, i would like to have this features too, becaus i´m using cvs.files for managing frequency-lists in other programs for other devices.

  2. Si puedo leer la programacion de mi RT-95 y pasarla al PC pero despues no puedo pasarla a la radio, da error de comunicacion (SetComdatabyOptionerror)
    ruego me informe que puedo hacer

  3. I purchased the Retevis RT95 and am wondering if I can change the default settings to Band 2. I am trying to program the radio for the US Amateur 70 centimeter band. It needs to go to 448 Mhz. Thank you

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