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Retevis RT22 Some general problems and solutions

RT22 walkie talkies for some customers may have  problems and here are some solutions.

RT22 Some general problems and solutions


  1. Why same RT22 walkie-talkies which are bought at different times can’t work together?

A: First of all, the frequency of RT22 has been changed twice in order to meet the requirements of the US license-free walkie-talkie.it was changed from the original 400-480 to 462-467 MHz.

Therefore, the new frequency that causes the customer not to be called  which purchases twice and more.they need to program them to the same frequency and CTCSS to work together.

If the customer does not want to program,it will be told that the modified first channel and the third channel before the change can be directly intercommunication; Secondly, the  frequency and CTCSS should be consistent.

  1. Can RT22 work together with RT27, RT21 or other brands of walkie-talkies?

A: The premise of analog radios intercommunication is the same frequency and CTCSS on the same channel . Therefore, it is necessary to determine whether the two types of radios have coincident frequency bands.If it matches,you can suggest the customer to program them to the frequency and CTCSS on the unified channel. If not, you can’t talk together. However, the first 5 channels of RT22 and RT27, RT21, RT24 and RT7 after the modification are directly interoperable, but can work directly with H-777 on channel 6 and channel 7

Rt22 batteries- Rt22-retevis
Battery can last 12 to 24 hours and also easy to operate so that fit to the team work

3.About the RT22 call privacy issues

A: If the customer asks if the channel you want to talk on is not disturbed, you can advise the customer to set the CTCSS and CDCSS codes (sub-audio) in the channel.

4.How to turn on emergency alarm function and hands-free function of RT22?

A: The hands-free function prompts need to be turned on in the software by programming; the emergency alarm function and scanning can be turned on in the custom option of the side button 2

  1. Rt22 indicator- Rt22-retevis
    Integrated antenna provided long range and don’t need to pay more for replacement antenna

    How does RT22 lock the channel?

a.Select the channel you want to say.

  1. Press and hold the + – button at the same time, it will beep.
  2. The channel is locked and you won’t change it.
  3. Press and hold the + – button again, there will be two beeps and the channel will be unlocked

6.How to identify the channel without a screen

A: RT22 has a Chinese and English bilingual operation tone. The channel can be clearly reported. Chinese and English can be switched by software.



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