Retevis RT52 coupon code for fans

Retevis RT52 coupon code is coming!!!

Retevis RT52, as the dual band dual display DMR radio, and because it with the special display with dark blue, has become a favourite DMR radio.

Retevis with the facebook page: posted a message: Guess the model to win the big discount code.

Thanks to all our Retevis fans to leave comments.

The winners from facebook:

Kurt Brockmann  Shane Callaghan  Mike Spencer  Mazinger Leonciño

Ken Pyle  Никитин Александр  Kevin Halton  Gordon Wilson  

Allan Pitty  Roy Losbañes  Narcis Nedelcu  Todd McGovern

Krzysztof Lewandowski  John Franklin  Gary English  Dale Hallam  

Mark Lindsey  Jon Moran  Bob Bonar  Frankie Deschacht

John Remington  Shaun Smith  Bob Temes  Danny Heppener

Steven Brodie  John Stilwell  Chuck Gysi  Bill Bogden

Felix Rios  Dominic Flamme  Todd Bloomingdale  James Joseph

Pat Milk  Max Girini  Alessandro M. Di Santo  Steffen Anger

Bernardy Ortiz  Gordy Nesbitt  Juan.Enrique San Martín  Esteban Alonso

Umberto Pisciotta  Dick Rademaker  Hans-Jürgen Marx  Michael Melancon

Jimmy Merry Jr  Todor Tihomirov  Evan Gelion  David J. Lowenstein

Matthew LeBlanc

The winners from instagram:



Please contact us by email:

We will offer the discount to purchase the model RT52 for you, at the same time, we have prepared some gifts for those fans who order.

Please note: Limited gifts, first come, first served.

How to Get and Use the Retevis RT52 coupon code?

1, Email us to get the coupon code:

2, Search the model RT52 on Or click the link:

3, Check your shopping card, find the Discount Codes, fill the code we offered you.

4, Go to the checkout page to pay for your order.

5, Valid until 31th,July.

Retevis reserves the right of final explanation

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