Retevis RT84 FAQ

RT84 FAQ, do you have meet some questions for Retevis RT84 radio, now listed some common questions that customers often mentioned in email

FAQ1:How to solve Retevis RT84 programming password issue?

Normally it needn’t any password when you programme RT84, if you meet this question, please follow this method to try to solve, Most of customers solved this question by this method.

Fistly, finding RT84 software files you download, like this photo below
Retevis RT84
Secondly,opening this file “setting’’ to change password to ‘password=password’
Retevis RT84
Finally, please try to read and write RT84 radio again

FAQ 2: If the RT84 encryption is compatible with HD1

RT84 isn’t compatible with HD1 because both are different encryption system, if two HD1 or two RT84, they’re compatible with each other

FAQ3: Retevis R84 updated issue

When it’s no success to update RT84 firmware, please doulbe check if you’ve enter DFU mode
Press the top sidekey and PTT together, turn on the radio.  The indicator will flash red and green.  This means enter the DFU mode sucessfully.
Retevis RT84

There’s a article for you inference:

FAQ 4: how many contacts RT84 can be uploaded

RT84 can be uploaded 120,000 contacts in RT84 latest software V1.03, there’s a article to introduce how to upload 120,000 contacts on Retevis RT84 radio, you can follow this article to try to upload 120,000 contacts:

FAQ 5: how to solve when it’s no success to programme RT84 radio

If you meet this question, please try to uninstall RT84 USB driver and programming software, then to install them again to check if this question solved

Normmally this Retevis RT84 FAQ we may meet, if you have other RT84 questions, you also contact us by email:


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