Retevis two-way radio scramble function introduction

What’s radio scramble function?

In telecommunications, scramble function is a feature that transposes or inverts signals or otherwise encodes a message at the sender’s side, to make the message unintelligible at a receiver not equipped with an appropriately set descrambling device.

What’s the purpose for setting scramble function?

A traditional, non-scrambled radio’s messages can be easily intercepted by nearby listeners with inexpensive scanners. Many people listen to other’s communications as a hobby, this way, some important and privacy will be wiretapped. That’s why many radio receivers specifically asked for this purpose. For example, Communication is an important part of police work. Officers rely on radios to respond to emergencies and coordinate units. In some cases, a situation requires a high level of privacy. Scrambled police radios can help prevent eavesdroppers from hearing sensitive police information. These types of radios use circuitry to encode outgoing signals and ensure that only authorized listeners can hear the message.

How to set scramble function?

Mostly, only choose “Yes” in ‘scrambe column to “open” scrambler function is ok.

But sometimes you may need choose a pre-setting scrambe code.

Which Retevis Radio has scramble function?

Many Retevis two-way radios have scrambler funstion, such as Retevis RT1, RT21, RT24, etc. Scramble is a term, specially for “analog radio”.(For digital radio, normally “encryption” is similar function like analog radio”scrambler”

In following blogs, we will specifically introduce how to set scramber function in Retevis RT24. Thanks for your attention. Any questions about scrambler function, please feel free to contact, we are always here to support!

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