RT3S How to connect DMR repeater

RT3s connect to DMR repeater, A lot of radio owners want to do this, but don’t know how to do it, here I will help you to know this.

DMR Repeater is an electronic device that receives a signal and retransmits it. RT3S is a dual band Analog&Digital radio.

Here I will talk about the DMR repeater and RT3S  how to connect to a DMR repeater with computer.

DMR repeater’s information:

1, TX and RX frequencies

2, Color code

3, time slot

4, group list

5. Offset

6, The distance from you

Second, Set the RT3S

1, Connect radio with computer by programming cable

2, Open the software

3, Edit the channel information

Note: The radio’s RX and TX frequencies’ settings are completely opposite with the DMR repeater.

That means repeater’s RX is the radio’s TX, repeater’s TX is the radio’s RX.

Third: If you don’t know the the color code and repeater slot

There are 2 ways help you to know this

1, contact with the repeater’s own or search the repeater’s information on google.

2, Try many times from the color code1 to color code 15, and try from repeater slot 1 to repeater slot2.

Fourth: After you setting all, Press PTT to connect.


For a lot of radios, the way to connect with the DMR repeater is the same. So if your radio is not the RT3S, don’t worry, have a try to set the channel information with the repeater.

If there is question you don’t know how to solve, please feel free to leave a message here!




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