RT3S Software Introduction

The Software is necessary for a radio. You need to setup your radio by software. We know RT3S is a dual band DMR amateur radio, has a lot of functions. We need to set them by software.

If you don’t know how to program your radio or you are a newbie. I think this article will help you!

Here I take RT3S as an example to introduce the software.

Where to download the software?

2 ways:

1, Go to Retevis Resources Center: http://www.retevis.com/resources-center Find the model  RT3S , then click to download

2, Email to Retevis to get the software.


RT3S software

Left-side menu

1,Basic information: from here, you will know your radio’s frequency range, your software version.

2,General Setting:

You can set the Radio ID, Radio Name, Albert Tone, and other functions in above pictures.

3,Menu Item: If you tick them, you will find these menu in your radio. So if you can’t find the below item in your menu, please open your software to check!

4,Buttons Definitions: RT3S has 2 side button, 1 PTT. You can define the side button here!

5,Text message: You can preset the messages here, it will be saved in message named “Quick Text”.

6,Privacy setting: RT3S has two types to encrypt. Basic with 4 digits and Enhanced with 32 digits.

7,Digit Emergency system: this is the emergency system. You can add 32 systems here.

8,Digital Contact: You can upload 10,000 contacts here. Click Import to upload your csv file.

9,Digital RX Group Call: You can add 250 Group lists here. Make the group call more easily and quickly.

10,Zone information: You can add 250 zones here, Put the channels into the zones you set up. Make it easier to find the right channel.

11,Scan list: You can add 250 scan lists here, more options for you to set the scan needs.

12,Channel Information: 3000channels here, you can set the TX frequency and RX frequency, the channel mode (analog/digital) and others. You can download or upload the channels information here!

13,DTMF Signaling: It has 4 systems, 32 Encodes and 8 Decodes.

14,VFO mode: RT3S has the VFO mode, you can program your radio by keyboard when it is in VFO mode.

15,GPS System: If you choose the radio with the GPS version, then you can set up this function, with the 16 systems.

Above are the software of RT3S, if any question, please feel free to leave message here!


25 thoughts on “RT3S Software Introduction

  1. Hi there, I just by a radio Retevis RT3s GPS and I have problem to set the frequencies.
    Cane you help me ?
    I like to have on VFO A : 425.000, 430.000, 432.000, 433.000, 433,450 Rx and Tx same Digital mode.
    VFO B : 144.500, 144.525, 145.350, 145.400, 145.500 Rx and Tx same Analogic mode.
    is the Frequencies to programe on the software or direct on the radio ? how ?
    thanks for you time, regards, Antonio Pinto (Portugal)

    1. Hello, for the VFO, like the channel, there are 2 vfo channels for RT3S, each time you can only program one frequency on each band(A or B).
      There are two ways to do this
      For example:
      1, by radio’s menu: make sure your radio shows the frequency mode,then long press the red button( exit button), you will see there is a “V” in the right of the frequency. you can fill the frequency 425.000 there. then the same to band B vfo
      2, You can program this by software!
      if any question, please let me know!
      Best regards

  2. Using your CPS software my rt3s only shows start screen data I programmed, no channels or contacts appear. The radio still stores the factory 5 frequencies. Is there a firmware upgrade or is my radio bad?

    1. Confusing Software packages downloaded RT3S_G and needed RT3S GPS. Now have channels displayed but need CSV file and all I can find is XLS file for contacts.

  3. This works for everything except importing csv contacts. I had to use the MD-UV380 CPS to do that. When will Retevis have a similar CPS that allows downloading csv files?

  4. hello when updating my rt3s (RT3S (REC-GPS) -S18.09) just get to have the frequency 150mhz and 450mhz on screen, any other very different frequency does not accept it. With my previous firmware S017.005 I could introduce any frequency of 144-148 and 430-440mhz without problems. what happen?

    1. Hello, Don’t worry, the new firmware added this function.
      If you want to use the whole band UHF and VHF, you can turn off your radio, press the Sidekey1( Above the PTT) and Sidekey2(Below the PTT) to turn on your radio, you can use the other bands.

  5. Thank you, my team can now operate in all vhf and uhf bands. Now it detected another problem updating the firmware. My equipment does not switch from MR to VFO despite having well configured “freq / channel mode = freq” I am using a backup codeplug you previously switched correctly between MR and vfo, now the problem is reproduced when upgrading from S017.005 to S18. 09. What can happen?

    1. hello, when you want to switch from MR to VFO, please check if you are in the fix band 145 and 450. if yes, you can’t switch.
      only when the radio is in all VHf and UHF band, then you can switch the MR to VFO.
      If you are in the fix 145 and 450mhz, turn off the radio, then press the sidekey1 and sidekey2 to turn on the radio, you can do that.
      Have a try please!

  6. Hello, my team is already in amateur band 145 and 430mhz but even so with this firmware it is impossible to stop from MR to VFO. Can I send a video to any email?

    1. Hello Fernando,
      I am so sorry for this!
      Would you please check your radio firmware version? You updated the latest firmware right?
      If so, please turn off the radio, then press the sidekey 1 and sidekey2( up and down button of PTT) to turn on your radio.

      Because the latest firmware is changed to narrow the band to 150mhz and 450mhz.

      Please have a try!

      1. The problem is not that you need to expand the band, The problem is that it does not let MR go from VFO. It is a problem that Retevis is not giving us a solution. Unfortunately RT3s lately is not compatible with VFO

  7. hello,
    I have just purchased a Retevis RT3S, I require the programming software for this radio, but the zip file in your resources centre does not seem to open the programme once unzipped, it unpacks it and no further, I get no programming screen……please send the correct file if at all possible, so that I may start to programme and use the radio…
    thank you

  8. The problem is not that you need to expand the band, The problem is that it does not let MR go from VFO. It is a problem that Retevis is not giving us a solution. Unfortunately RT3s lately is not compatible with VFO

    1. Hi, RT3S has the VFO function, please check the reason why you can’t change the MR to VFO is because you update your firware.
      You can try to power off your radio, then press the two side keys( the keys above and below the PTT) to turn on your radio.
      Have a try please!

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