RT628 walkie talkies FAQ

RT628 walkie talkies FAQ


  1. Does it have backlight?
  2. YES
  3. Do you have matched headsets?
  4. NO
  5. Do you offer VHF version?
  6. NO
  7. Except USA, Could it be used in other EU countries?
  8. YES
  9. Do you have matched earhook with mic and speaker?
  10. YES
  11. Is it fit with T6200C plug?
  12. NO, you have to use proffessional earhook-C2071A:
  13. How to restore the factory settings?
  14. Pls click “RESET” for few seconds.
  15. Both pair RT628 radios have the same channel, why couldn’t they talk with each other?
  16. First, Press “MENU” till LCD screen shows numbers sparkling on the right top side, then selected the same number, finally, pressed PTT button. (Numbers stands for CTCSS/DCS value)
  17. How many channels does RT628 radio?
  18. EU frequency—8 channels;US frequency—22 channels
  19. Does it have CE and FCC certificates?
  20. YES.
  21. Is the Manual Chinese or English?
  22. English
  23. How long communicataion range is it?
  24. it’s 3 miles in open areas, but it’s 400-1000metres within buldings and blocks city.
  25. Does it include earpiece/earhook?
  26. No, you have to buy it seperately.
  27. Does it have the VOX function?
  28. Yes
  29. Does it have programming software? Could it be written frequency as i like?
  30. No software offered, it couldn’t be written frequency as you like.
  31. Why the frequency of LCD screen is jumping?
  32. Pls press POWER button for few seconds to turn off SCAN function. (Note: Press POWER button for few seconds could turn on or off SCAN function)
  33. Does it have a call alert button? ie,press a button to alert someone.  ?
  34. YES, Press MON button for few seconds to turn on, The radios with the same frequency  will be informed.
  35. What’s differences between RT628 with EU frequency and RT628 with US frequency?
  36. Only difference is with different frequency and different channels.RT628 with US frequency ,22CH, But RT628 with EU frequency,8CH.  They are both local legal citizen band frequency range. US frequency radios could be used in EU countries, and EU frequency radios could be used in US countries.

More details, pls check Offcial RETEVIS RT628 radio:



EU Frequency TableChannel12345678


USA Frequency TableChannel1234567891011

12 thoughts on “RT628 walkie talkies FAQ

  1. can i dissable the call tone on my Rt628? the instructions say setting the call tone to zero. The lowest setting number is 1.

  2. For some reason I can not turn off VOX on one of them. I tried reset and went through the manual. Pressing PTT does not turn it off. Any suggestions? Maybe it is defected.

    1. so sorry for the delay reply!
      vox ON: press the PTT, at the same time turn on your radio, then VOx on
      VOX OFF: press PTT, the vox off

      If your radio with no response, please contact with your seller to get the after-service.

        1. For RT628 model
          Turn on VOX: turn off radio, press the PTT, then press the power on button to turn on, the vox active.
          Turn off VOX: only press PTT, then off.

    1. Hello, you need to program your H777 same with the RT628, would you please tell me your RT628 version, for US version or EU version?
      We will send the RT628 setting to you by email.

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