License-free radio Retevis RT49

A new License-free radio RT49, with the bright color is released. Usually there will have two versions, FRS version and PMR446 version. Now the FRS version was released, I think the PMR446 version will release soon. The features of License-free radio RT49: 1, Bright color, break the traditional colors of black walkie-talkies. More suitable for family […]

The dual standby license-free radio RT16

The Dual Standby License-free radio Model RT16 is coming. With 11 NoAA channels, dual standby and USB charging License-free Radio RT16, Can be used for outdoor activity, family plays like camping and etc. More Retevis models for outdoor here: It has: 11 NOAA channels: Help you easy to receive the weather information Weather Alert:  Automatically […]

The Ultra-Thin license-free radio RT18

The Ultra-Thin License-free Radio RT18 is released, Now the presell is going on here: RT18 portable ultra-thin dual PTT walkie talkie The Ultra-Thin RT18: US version, Model RT18. Up to 16 Channels. License-free FRS Radio. EU version, Model RT618. Up to 16 channels. License-free PMR446 Radio. The Main features of Ultra-Thin RT18: USB rapid charge: […]

H777S A stylish license-free radio

A license-free and stylish radio H777S is coming. Do I need a radio license first? license-free radio is not fashionable? not comprehensive? Don’t worry, Retevis H777S could satisfy your needs. 1. H777S-Stylish and license free radio. As we all known, USA country use FRS frequency, so for USA customers better use the H777S(FRS). What is FRS? […]

The first License-free DMR radio RT40

RT40, the first license-free DMR radio in the market.  You can use them without an operating license. About License-free RT40 It is compatible with the DMR Tier I. DMR Tier I products are for licence-free use in the European PMR446 band. So our Retevis RT40 with the PMR446 band frequency, and with the transmitting power less […]

2019 Top Selling Waterproof Radio RT48

2019 Top selling waterproof Radio Retevis RT48 Want to own a waterproof walkie-talkie, but don’t know how to choose? If you use it for commercial use or family, I would strongly recommend Retevis RT648/RT48 This 2019 Top selling waterproof Radio Retevis RT48 was released in 2019, is a new type of licence-free waterproof walkie-talkie.   […]