How to set two way radio VOX function?

VOX function introduction:

VOX stands for Voice Activated Transmit.VOX function is commonly found in most higher-end consumer two way radios. Allowing you to communicate (both transmit and receive content) without press PTT. If you match the radio with an earpiece, which with the speaker mic.attached to your collar, near your mouth, then it will make your hands totally free.

VOX is a very useful function in many fields, such as construction worker, it will not safe for them to always press PTT when they are working on the high building. Also as waiter working in a coffee shop or restaurant, they will always have goods/tea in hand, so this hand-free feature in radio seems so convenient and useful.

VOX function setting:

Most Retevis Two way radios have VOX function, For radios that has LCD display, mostly you can set VOX by hand on keyboard directly, such as Retevis RT5.

For radio that has no LCD display, you can also set them in programming software. Just click a √ before VOX,or directly choose the VOX level, then this function is activated.

VOX level:

Please take note VOX also has a level, such as 1-5 level for your selecting, normally choose a middle level, like level 3 is nice. But if your environment is too quiet, please choose a lower level, if your talking environment is noisy, then select a relatively higher VOX level is better.

VOX earpiece:

If your radio has no VOX function, please don’t worry, just order an earpiece with VOX function is ok.

For keenwood 2pin radio, C2156A is ok. C2156A:

Any questions about VOX function, please feel free to contact, we are always here to support!


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